Directions - Vágó-Lévai Katalin


2004-2006 Decorator School, Budapest

Professional experience:
2009 ...Spektroid - curator of the exhibition of instART Group - Museum of Tatabánya
2010 New Hungarian Topography - curator of the exhibition of New Hungarian Topography Group - Artbázis, Budapest

Group exhibitions (selected):
2010 New Hungarian Topography (New Hungarian Topography Group) - Artbázis, Budapest
Surveillance (Studio of Young Photographers) - Fogasház, Budapest
2011 Attention (Studio of Young Photographers) - Artbázis, Budapest
POSZT Contemporary Collective Exhibition - Fogasház, Budapest
Dunaújváros Photobiennal - Kassák Gallery, Dunaújváros
New Hungarian Topography - Szkéné Theatre - Kancsal Puttó Gallery, Budapest
2012 Polaroid 65 - exhibition on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of Polaroid - Hungarian Museum of Photography, Kecskemét

FFS - Studio of Young Photographers
instART Group
Instamatic Karma Group
ÚMT - New Hungarian Topography Group

Works of art in public collections:
Houses, smalltown (Tatabánya, 2008) - Public Foundation for the Creating Artists of Tatabánya
Houses, smalltown (Tatabánya, 2009) - Public Foundation for the Creating Artists of Tatabánya

Bibliography (selected):
Dunaújváros Photobiennal catalogue, Dunaújváros, 2009
IX. Autumn Exhibition catalogue, Tatabánya, 2009
New Hungarian Topography - exhibition catalogue, Budapest, 2010
Dunaújváros Photobiennal catalogue, Dunaújváros, 2011

Photos © Vágó-Lévai Katalin


Jan Bernhardtz said…
I'm very impressed by the whole series. Excellent!