Toy Camera Days - Deadline reminder!

Holga, lubitel, diana, and lomo
These are a few of our favorite things
When the light leaks
when the film sticks
when you just know its ruined
Simply remember it's the way it should be
And send it to 591!
(sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things")

holga photo copyright Paul Boocock

The deadline for sending in photographs from your toy camera is fast approaching. Please be sure to send in your submissions by January 7, 2012. Publishing will begin January 14, 2012...the first 'Days' exhibition of the New Year.  We want everyone who can to participate!

You have just five more days to send up to 5 images (800 pixels wide, 72 dpi and jpg or png) to:

holga photo copyright Rhonda Prince


Vale said…
I love the first one! looks like a fairy tale
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