Morning 2:2 - Zoran Djordjevic

Photo © Zoran Djordjevic
Morning 1:2

Zoran Đjordjevic won over 60 international and national awards.

His works were exhibited in Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Israel, France, Hungary, Portugal, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia and Croatia.

The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts included his works in its reference book of photographs that had a historical impact on the development of this art in Serbia. The artistic jury of the Photo Association of Serbia awarded Đjordjevic with the greatest photography title - Master of Photography

He works at TV Kragujevac as documentary and film editor.


Simon Johansson said…
I like it! Especially two pics: man with dog and crossroads.
Vale said…
great all the images
Sehraeuber said…
great series of moody pictures!