Morning 1:2 - Zoran Djordjevic

This fine series by Zoran Djordjevic will be published in two parts.

Zoran Djordjevic
Born(year): 1959
Lives in: Serbia
Latest exhibition: november 24. 2011. Lines, (35 works) Grosser Saal, Kirchgemeindehaus Hottingen, Asylstr. 36, Zürich
Coming, planned exhibition: january 24, 2012, LINES Lines, (36 works) City Museum, Kragujevac, Serbia
Inspiration (photographers): Bresson, Koudelka...



I can see here pictures of my hometown, very good ones. Great work. Regards from Warsaw :-)
Mikael said…
Wow, classic and powerful, a treat for soul and mind
Vale said…
I really love Serbia!!
being there gave me a very strong feeling, such as magnet.
Ksenija Spanec said…
I love this photographs! So special mood in each one :)