Invitation to 591 Spring Exhibition 2012 "Four Elements" ~ WATER ~

                 ~ W A T E R ~

Dear photographer. You are invited to participate in the 4th edition of 
our main online exhibiting event - 591 Photography Spring Exhibition.
The Four Elements; Wind, Water, Earth and Fire are in focus this spring.

Water covers 70.9% of the Earth's surface. 
The human body contains up to 78% water. 
Water may take many different forms on Earth:
rain ~ water vapor and clouds in the sky ~ seawater ~ 
snow ~ icebergs in the polar oceans ~ glaciers and 
rivers in the mountains.

Without water there would be no life on earth.

Enjoy the power of water while swimming ~ waterskiing ~ 
boating ~ surfing and diving or frozen water for 
snow sports like ice-skating ~ ice-hockey ~ skiing ~ 
sledding or snowboarding.

There's so much water around us ~ in so many different 
forms of appearance and usage.
Where do you find ~ use ~ or just enjoy water?

Show us your waterworld!

Please send up to 3 photos to
> jpg ~ 72 dpi ~ max. 900 pixels on the longest side <
Deadline for submisions: 4 March 2012


Vale said…
this images are very cool :)
thank you valeria ;)