Invitation to 591 Photography Spring Exhibition 2012 - Four Elements

Dear photographer. You are invited to participate in the 4th edition of our main online exhibiting event - 591 Photography Spring Exhibition. The first edition "Portraits" was held in summer 2009 followed by "The 80s" in 2010 and "Images of Men and Women" last year.

The Four Elements; Wind, Water, Earth and Fire are in focus this spring.

Deadline for submissions is 4 March 2012
Pictures can be up to 900 pixels wide on longest side, 72 dpi
The final exhibition will have 120 images ( 30 from each Element )

Please send up to three images for one element. You may of course participate in all four categories leaving you with a maximum of 12 images to submit. Paul, Kerstin, Tiberio and Simon are your hosts for this event.

Wind - Paul Boocock -
Water - Kerstin Kuntze -
Earth - Tiberio Fanti -
Fire - Simon Johansson -


How can you show wind in a photograph? Wind is air in motion and air is invisible!? 

The only thing that shows us that wind exists is it's effects on solid objects, the way it rushes through the branches and leaves of a tree, bending the branches or in extreme cases even uprooting the tree completely!

We also use the wind in many ways, like making sailing boats move on the water, drying the washing on the line, distributing plant seeds, windmills, wind turbines etc.

So we are interested in seeing your interpretation of wind, it's effects on otherwise motionless objects or the way we harness and use the tremendous power of wind; use that wonderful imagination of yours.

- Paul Boocock

Water covers 70.9 % of the Earth's surface and is vital for all known forms of life. It appears in nature in all three common states of matter and may take many different forms on Earth: rain ~ water vapor and clouds in the sky ~ seawater ~ snow ~ icebergs in the polar oceans ~ glaciers and rivers in the mountains.

The human body contains up to 78 % water. Without water there would be no life on earth.

Enjoy the power of water while swimming ~ waterskiing ~ boating ~ surfing and diving
or frozen water for snow sports like ice-skating ~ ice-hockey ~ skiing ~ sledding or snowboarding.

There's so much water around us ~ in so many different forms of appearance and usage.
Where do you find ~ use ~ or just enjoy water?

Show us your waterworld!
Your Waterwoman 

Home and womb of the human kind.
Element of hardness, stability, eternal peace and ... weight.
Substance of the world we live on. Source of tactile sensations: dirt
and dust, as birth and death.
Gaia, mother undertaker and Ade, bed for seeds and burial of the dead.
Aethernal shield from winter cold and summer heat.
Stage of bloody wars, fatal devastations, unreal pollution, deplorable
Generous carrier of death suddenly sprouting from its deeper roots.
Energy safe, chest of unutterable treasures, storage of human waste ...
and shame.


Fire can tear down your home and everything you own in less than 60 minutes. It can turn a huge forest to ashes in a day. And it kills people very easy. That is if it’s out of control, of course. But we’re going to tame it here at 591. 

Yes, we’re going to turn the flames into glimmering sparks in cyber space. Fire is our friend.

- Simon Johansson

The Exhibition Poster

The first 591 Spring Exhibition poster in now available for downloading. We kindly invite you all, our friends, to make your own prints and stick it everywhere you like: on the wall behind your desk, at work, on your company bullettin board, at the bus stops, at you favourite photo-club or ... on your home-made T-shirts!

Click on the picture below to get your own printable copy. And let us have a picture of the poster hanging on the walls!



br said…
a great introduction!!!
Anonymous said…
thanks for invitation ,is a impulse for a creativity start in 2012 greetings from barcelona manfred
Vale said…
I love the idea! im sure there will be incredible photos :)
Uwe Seiffert said…
okay, me and my cam are ready for it! greetings from germany, uwe
Gerda Lelieveld said…
Very inspiring theme and beautiful images.