Australian "15" - Wouter Van de Voorde

In my photography I don’t limit myself to any subjects. I am often inspired by Aboriginal art. To me, living in a country like this, understanding the authentic culture and narratives is the only way to build a sense of belonging for myself.  Often I set out on my bike and slowly glide through the landscape scouting out places I discovered on Google Earth. My point of view is strongly colored by Belgian surrealism, artists like René Magritte are part of my cultural inheritance.

Photos and text  © Wouter Van de Voorde
Wouter is a Belgian photographer (painter says himself) that moved to Canberra, Australia, were he lives and works. We met by chance in the web space and I found his photographs significantly interesting to be shared.
Hope you like them



mrurbano said…
Captivating pictures - I like them a lot. Please show us more.
Vale said…
Cool, i like the last 2 pics :)
Rhonda Boocock said…
Wonderful photographs! Yes more please!