591 Exhibition: Everyday People - Mattia Marchi

I like Mattia's way of depicting everyday life and everyday people. What's the fabulous life of celebrities compared to the daily life of ordinary people? I would say far from that entertaining, human and imaginative as seen in Mattia's pictures. 

Among all photographers who have exhibited on 591 Photography, Mattia is one of few I have actually met in person. He was one of the photographers who came up with the idea of "Reclaim Photography" held three times in Stockholm.

Mattia tells me that he wants his pictures to speak for themselves, so you will have no Bio or CV here. But please have a look at two other places on the net with his photos.
- Mr Urbano

Website: www.mattiamarchi.com 
Flickr www.flickr.com/photos/mmarchi 

Photos © Mattia Marchi


toycameradays said…
Much more interesting than celebrities! thank you Mattia!
Tobbe said…
Beautiful idea and the first picture is phenomenal!