On City Streets and Elsewhere

"All photographs, are for me, some form of self-portrait. You walk down the street and in the fraction of a second you recognise yourself in some shape or form. You might be five years old or you might be 55 and sporting a moustache but there you are mirrored in the frame of your camera once again. It's a constant source of wonder."

Dylan McBurney is a professional photographer living and working in Ireland. He has been shooting his own personal project 'On City Streets and Elsewhere' since 2005.

go to Dylan's web site for more of his work and pano-photographs

photo and text copyright Dylan McBurney


mrurbano said…
Excellent photography - thanks Dylan for sharing with us.
Tiberio Fanti said…
I love these pictures! Brilliant, vivid, full of emotions.
br said…
great photos!!!!
really nice use of the panoramic view.
Joanie said…
I love the use of light and darkness in these, makes the pictures so vivid and gives them such depth.