My Best Picture? - a reminder

Photo © Ulf Fågelhammar

My Best Picture? No, I don't think so. But I like it. Do you remember the challenge? I am in doubt since I have only received a handful of your Best Pictures. Well, there is still time, but there is no escape from this challenge! So, I repeat it in case you have forgotten.

Me and my mailbox are waiting to receive your Best Picture. It means that I want to receive just one (1) picture - and it should be the Best. Not your most popular picture, it should be the picture that You rank as your Best (so far).

Now you may argue: "Well, I have a dozen best pictures" and I will answer; "No, I want a single picture". Or you may say; "It depends on the context or if it's a photo from a specific series" and I will answer: "No, just one picture".

Do we have a deal? In return I promise to publish every picture received, even if several hundreds. I will find out a way to edit everything.

The picture could be 800-1 000 pixels width or height, 72 dpi. It would be great if you could write a very brief comment about the picture, but it is no obligation.

The mailbox for Best Picture will close 31 August.