Children's Days - Walter Neiger

 Photos © Walter Neiger


Babzy.B said…
great serie , nice to see you back :) my favourite is the 4 pic !
Susanne Stoop said…
A lovely series. So nice to see your posting again. Missed you!
Fritsch said…
Ein grandioser Beitrag zu einer unglaublich guten Serie. Aber das vierte Bild ist nicht nur unglaublich zeitlos. Es ist die Schule des Sehens. Gnaz wunderbar, Walter!

Viele GRüße & weiterhin sihcere Straßen,
Excellent series, Walter !
Greetings !
Walter, these are beautiful. I've often liked your shots of children in the past. So good to see more of your work.
Michèle Dassy said…
They're right: life is to be lived. Joyful!!
Roland said…
Excellent and inspiring. Thanks for the fresh view. The shots work well beyond a documentation and show a hint of the soul of your models and moments.
I enjoyed my visit here.

PixeLuz said…
One great series, Walter. I do like specially the 4th picture, very well composed and creative.