591 Exhibition: Daniel Björkert

Photo © Daniel Björkert

I can't help but looking for a door, an opening in the facades when looking at this excellent series. Like a kid who wants to see what's inside I am thinking about breaking through the surface, the layer of the objects, the facades. In many of the pictures I will succeed, others are harder to enter...perhaps we have to look for a back door. Daniels pictures about the exterior VS the interior is a challenging and very interesting photographic mission. I am impressed by his work. - Mr Urbano

The exhibition has ended

Daniel Björkert
Born: 1976 in Norrköping, Sweden
Lives in: Göteborg, Sweden
Latest exhibition: Planket in Göteborg
Coming, planned exhibition: A group exhibition at Fotokompaniet in Gothenburg, October 2010.
Inspiration (photographers): If I should name one photographer that inspires me, I would say Gerry Johansson, but also Gunnar Smoliansky, Lars Tunbjörk and Anders Petersen.
Inspiration (other): Nature and city.
Film, digital or both: Film


Thomas H said…
Great and interesting series, you've caught a mood and tell a story. I like it very much!
Ludvig Nordahl said…
grym serie! många kvallebilder. fortsätt så. å grattis till å få lägga upp d så här :) kul!!
Unknown said…
Great photos, Daniel! You know I like them ... I have some favourites, of course. ;-) Hm, I think I like Mr Urbanos word too.
Rhonda Boocock said…
the light...oh yes the light! excellent series!