Photo © Vilhelm Stokstad

Vilhelm says that he is beginning a photographic project this month that will take him to Australia, India, China and Malaysia. Judging from these pictures, I expect him to get back with some great photos. - Mr Urbano

Vilhelm Stokstad

Born(year): 1987
Lives in: Stockholm
Latest exhibition: Class exhibition in Sundsvall - The reconstruction of Aceh, Indonesia.
Coming, planned exhibition: Street Photography from different cities around the world.
Inspiration (photographers): Nachtway, Petersen, von Krogh
Inspiration (other): Friends, music, intreresting topics, news, travels.
Film, digital or both: Mostly digital.
Quote: why do you have to take new pictures? what is the use of a new picture? " Let me answer with a question, what is the use of a new born baby?" - Anders Petersen


paulboo said…
Great! Love the little stories in each one, the little individual tableau :)