what a coach can do

Photos © Veronica Gran

I am too ignorant to know much about the theory of "coaching" ( to me a coach is Pep Guardiola or Fabio Capello etc ). But I can recognize good photography - and this series by Verónica Gran is very well worked out. She explains: "This photo essay is a journey into a coaching session. Marco is a musician, he has played the piano since he was six years old. He is a teacher in a music school and in order to keep on growing as a person and a pianist he works with a coach." Thanks for sharing and bringing some light on this matter. - Mr Urbano

If you want to know more about coaching, you should visit Veronica's site or study what for example Sir John Whitmore has to say.

Verónica's website: www.legranphoto.com
About coaching and Sir John Whitmore


br said…
a beautiful series of very emotive photos!!