A place has a soul

Photos © Robert Padilla
Model: Kristin Jackson-Vazquez
Robert says: the photos tell a small story that is based on one of my interests; the spirit world and the way the landscapes absorb our energy as we pass from life to death.
I think that after we die, we remain tied to the places that we had emotional connections to. Our joy, our sadness, and the events in our lives are all buried in the structures of the homes and buildings that remain after we are gone.
A place has a soul.

I'm very pleased to invite Robert Padilla to show his work on 591. You can also visit Robert website http://www.robertdavidphotography.net/ to see other colour photos of unforgettable places with a soul - Paolo.
.Robert Padilla
Born (year): 1965
Lives in: Texas and Illinois
Inspiration (photographers): Zosia Zija and Lionel Deluy
Inspiration (other): Edward Hopper, Charles Sheeler
Film, digital or both: Both
Quote: ''Man, as a partially space-timeless entity, belongs to many different fields and dimensions.'' -Dr Konstantin Raudive


Unknown said…
Very interesting...yes a place has a soul.
Anonymous said…
Very much appreciated. Thank you, Ulla.