591 Exhibition - Marlene Lindmark and Simon Johansson

The exhibition has ended


"Pariscopes" is the result of a week in Paris with a camera and a sketchbook. The pictures are composed with photos and drawings of the citizens and their messages on the walls. Photos of the walls and the street surroundings, fragments of texts, wall structures and traces of messages form the backgrounds in the pictures.

Parisiens passing by in the same surroundings were caught by Simon's camera, then Marlene made drawings of the persons in the photos. The drawings and the original photos were put together and then mixed in with the background. The collages are named after the streets or places in Paris where the photographs were taken. Pariscopes - a camera and a sketchbook.
- Simon Johansson, Marlene Lindmark

I am happy to see the return of some of the exhibitors from the first season of 591 online shows. Simon is back and he has got company this time. She is Marlene Lindmark a talanted young Swedish artist. It was a great and pleasant surprise to receive the collages by Simon and Marlene. I am enthusiastic about this work - it makes me think of Man Ray, Rodchenko and many others using the collage technique with brilliance. During the winds of change of the 1960s collages were found everywhere. It is so good to see this work by Simon and Marlene as a 591 Exhibition. Take your time and enjoy their "Pariscopes". - Mr Urbano

Man Ray collage
( National Galleries of Scotland)
Rodchenko, Popova ( Studio International)
Joseph Cornell (npr)


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wonderful exhibit!
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