Via del riposo - Maurizio Cimino

Via del riposo
The situation of Roma people doesn't seem to improve. In almost any European place, in this case Naples, Italy their human rights are violated and Roma people are forced to live in fear of persecution and discrimination.
This work has been part of N.EST, Madre Museum, 2008, Naples Italy
Photos and text © Maurizio Cimino

Maurizio Cimino
Born: 1969
Lives in: Naples-Italy
Latest exhibition: No made, Nomade -Galerie 52, Paris
Inspiration (photographers): Robert Frank, Josef Koudelka, Diane Arbus..
Inspiration (other): Paskua
Film, digital or both: Both
Quote: Above all, I know that life for a photographer cannot be a matter of indifference. - Robert Frank
A favourite photograph: "Sono un angelo"


Paolo Saccheri said…
nice reportage Maurizio!
tatiana said…
Great documentary indeed !
br said…
great work...a tragic history but a sense of strength and self-determination. thank you.
Unknown said…
Thank you very much, grazie!
Rhonda Boocock said…
excellent series!
Simona said…
interesting reportage
Mikael said…
Nice work, thanks for showing
Great Ideas! Keep up the good work!