Time - Ying Tang

All photos © Ying Tang

On Shanghai's street, the city is working days and nights in full speed to make changes. People has to learn to make them be flexible to balance their lives with the changes. Everyone is chasing the time right now. - Ying Tang

The flow of time run through Ying´s images, when looking at Ying´s photos it feels like I´m at the spot watching the event go by as a silent bystander, her photos are much alive and its street and documentary photo at its best - Mikael

Please have a look on her website for more of her work


adm said…
Mr Urbano said…
fantastic work!
and wow
there is certainly some magic on 591
Taiwan and then mainland China almost simultaneously
br said…
!!!! great work...great way of seeing.
tatiana said…
Superb photography !
Unknown said…
Great photos..
fatilla said…
the 4th one is hardstyle :)
Altnőder Emese said…
great series!