591 Exhibition: Luc Rabaey

Photos © Luc Rabaey

The exhibition has ended

There are many rooms in 591 Photography gallery. So when Luc asked if he could use one room for black and white photographs and another one for colour photos...well, of course! It is interesting to read Luc Rabaey's introduction to the exhibition. He invites to a dialogue about his photography that I find very refreshing.

Luc Rabaey's pictures appeal to me a lot - they are not finished and "closed", on the contrary, they are "open" and you get a feeling that you want to come back to have a second, and a third look. I decided to keep the door open between the stories and the drama as well. It is not obvious where the drama ends and the stories begin. - Mr Urbano

The Drama/The Stories

The exhibition shows two viewpoints/sentiments about street photography methods: a direct, spontanious one and a conceptual, thought-out one.

- The Drama is a series of color street photographs.
It is a survey in progress in between real life happenings and staged scenes - an exploration of the greyzone between photographs of spontanious situations and staged images.

The result is a photography looking like orchestrated, but - to be clear - it is not. How it works? I choose a frame for an environment and a 'scene' that I find interesting and I try to compose the frame, waiting for a moment in which the 'actors' are well positioned and have an absorbing presence, posture and behaviour.

- The Stories is a series of b&w photographs. Some are 'moment décisif', time-related, touching or just story telling, others are mysterious or surrealist. Most include several aspects. In short, this series is a combination of strageness and subtle humour.

Text © Luc Rabaey

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Mr Urbano said…
There is so much happening in Luc Rabaye's show. In the black and white series I see how everybody is waiting to hear the story, and it eventually evolves...first in disguise and then opening up to a neverending story about human life - Great!
Rhonda Boocock said…
it is great...
Thank you Rhonda & Ulf.