at Zoro's

Photos and text © Paolo Saccheri

After the old lot of the left political parties have disappeared from the Italian parliament, now even the beautiful annual summer landmark "Festa dell'Unità" has been replaced after 62 years by the "Festa Democratica" since the "Partito Democratico" is leading the left-center.

Every night at the national Festa Democratica (this year in Genoa) a very smart and sharp artist known as "Zoro" (regional pronounced name of the sword hero Zorro), conduct a late night show trying to point out the difficulties of our politics, mostly the left wing politics of which he is, or was, fond of :))

Some jokes, time left to the interviewed people, a nice tv-show unfortunately a bit slow like Italian politics. But democratic at least! ;)


Rhonda Boocock said…
I enjoy this glimpse of a political evening!