Izzy Young

Israel Goodman Young started the legendary Folklore Center in Greenwich Village, New York in 1957 wich became an important point in American folk music. he arranged concerts for folk musicians and songwriters and arranged Bob Dylan´s first concert. However Dylan´s concert was not a success but Dylan got 10$ for it.

Many musicians very discovered and produced by Izzy, like Emmylou Harris, Joni Mitchell, Patti Smith, Dave van Ronk, The Blue Velvet Band to mention a few. 1973 he closed his Folklore Center in New York and moved to Stockholm, Sweden because he fell in love with Sweden and its Folk music.

He opened Folklore Center in Stockholm and today at the age of 81 he still manage his center in Södermalm where there are regular concerts and poetry nights.

© Mikael Jansson


Mr Urbano said…
Izzy is the man.
I met him first in the 1970s - a real Bronx character. ;)
Mr Urbano said…
and great pictures Micke!
Rhonda Boocock said…
Hey...this is great...good to read and see!
Thomas H said…
Yes, Izzy is the man!

Great pictures.
br said…
wonderful photos!! a unique look at a unique man. thank you!