Photo © Aaron Huey

Have a look at 7.7 Documentary Photography Digital Magazine. In this third issue Aaron Huey investigates a forgotten reality, the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation; a significant symbol of the wrongs inflicted on Native Americans by the descendants of Europeans.

7.7. even has a manifesto. "We don’t care about the photo. We care even less about a photographic project. We care about the stories. And the way of looking at things.
" The people of the magazine: "want to start looking through the cracks, the holes, the keyholes, with an open and a flexible spirit, strengthened by the free formats of the digital era."

7.7 web site


br said…
a coincidence....i saw this reportage a few days ago, it is one of the best photo essays of reservation life that i have seen....the cultural juxtapositions, the intensity, .... a people that survive in spite of institutionally generated genocide and descrimination. an amazing essay.
vera fehér said…
this is a great picture btw.
Paolo Saccheri said…
I liked your web site a lot.
I'll keep an eye on it!
Rhonda Boocock said…
a wonderful and important reportage!