outlook for the new year

Photo © Ulf Fågelhammar

591 Photography is less than three months old, still a baby. When I started this project, I was determined to let things take time and spend some time at a thinking spot now and then...and allow things to develop in a natural way.

At the beginning of a new year I would like to share some of my experiences with you, dear reader of 591, and also
tell something about my plans for the coming year.

First of all there is no "Master plan" - it would be unwise in these turbulent times.
But here are some of my observations of the past months with 591 and a brief outlook for 2009.

The 591 Exhibitions have been great fun to do in cooperation with the photographers. Since the start of 591 in November no less than 13 exhibitions has been opened. I am very happy with all of them and with the idea of having exhibitions on show for a limited period. That is how exhibitions are presented in "real life" and I think it works very well on the Internet as well. Looking ahead I have already five or six exhibitions deterrmined and more coming up.

The 591 Reportage is a feature I like too, it gives the photographer an option to present a specific series and also tell the story in words if her or she prefers to do so.

I am also very glad to receive solitaire pictures and series that don't have the character of a reportage.

The various subjects proposed (snaps, neighbourhoods, enterkymlinge, thinking spots) will still be featured even if they have been slow starters.

There are still no "links page" or a "blogroll" etc on 591. I want to think about how to best create some "inter-blog discussions" as Jörg Colberg is looking for and perhaps rather link to articles about a specific subject than to the entire blog.

Internet is still young, but think about how different it is compared to radio or TV. You are not just a listener or viewer receiving what others have prepared - on the Internet you have a chance to react interact, and create!

I beleive that the coming year will see even more of software on the net, that you don´t have to keep on your computer. You will be able to create even cooler blogs and homepages. And I think many people want to do that - so there's the big question: When everybody runs their own blog or site who will have the time to view what everybody else is doing?

I think a part of the answer to that is more of "inter-blog" discussions. I mean there are a million blogs out there that I would not be interested in, but there are probably hundreds of blogs about photography that I would like to know more about and interact with. I will look them up.

Some thoughts by Mr Urbano the first day of 2009. Take care out care. Interact! Create!