591 Exhibition - Christofer Grandin

Photo © Christofer Grandin

Photo © Christofer Grandin

Photo © Christofer Grandin

Christofer is a great person and photographer. He was born in 1968 and lives in Norrtälje, Sweden. When asked about photographers inspiring him he says: "No one in particular. I rather think photographers that have the guts to go their own ways always inspire me." I like that.
His work is original and he describes himself as self-willed and stubborn. Well, I like that too. I appreciate the sensitivity to be found in his work, the strive to depict scenes from a merging external and internal landscape. See Christofers site for more www.christofergrandin.se

You will find more work of Christofer on 591 - the series about Undra. Before having a look at the exhibition - a message to Christofer; numbers matter! (like 350-308)

Exhibition ended Feb 22, 2009


Rhonda Boocock said…
All beautiful...but that little house in the snow really shines! And yes, numbers matter, even the number 34! :)
Anonymous said…
nice to see this exhibition. very personal style that communicates.

Anonymous said…
I appreciate a lot your visions.
my preferred top ones are the potholed road and the barbed wire fence with house.
Unknown said…
Yes, your work touch me, Chris!
Anonymous said…
There are no words for this ....so much beauty !!!!