First on 915: maintenance vs. physics

Photo ©Robin McAulay

915 is like 591 backwards - the downside or the upside of this place. And many things are upside down in this world today. You are invited to send contributions to 915. They can be amusing, controversial, pretentious, furious, boring, loveable, uncategorized and even excellent. There are many rooms in the 915 mansion. Pictures and texts sent to this far off place will be published at 9:15 AM or 9:15PM local time of the site. They are 915 on 591. Easy to remember. Hard to forget.

Thank you Robin for the opening picture. I will go to my thinking spot to figure it out properly.


Rhonda Boocock said…
915 on 591...I think I can remember that! Great photo Robin!
Anonymous said…
9 + 1 + 5 x (5 minus 9 plus 1)makes for a very excellent photo. nice to see more of your work. !