Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Knut-Inge Johnsen - a selection 1:2

Some wonderful captures by Norweigan photographer Knut-Inge Johnsen. Please have a look at his other contributions to 591 as well. Knut-Inge teaches photography at a Folk High School. I doubt he has finished to put up a website, but there is an article about him here ( in Norweigan) and his favourite quote goes: "My photography is really a visual diary. It is very much a tool, to express and describe my life, the same way poets and writers describe their life experiences”. (Andrè Kertèsz)

Photos © Knut Inge Johnsen


kkuntze said...

a hommage to life


Paolo Saccheri said...


Ksenija Spanec said...

Somehow touching immages that I really love!