Selected portraits - Joseph-Philippe Bevillard

Beaded dress, NYC 1993

Barbara at a gallery reception, Boston, Mass. 1993
Woman in fetish/goth head wear, Boston, MA 1993
Natalie, Boston, Massachusetts 1992
Susan, photography student, Boston, Mass. 1991

This small selection of portraits may serve as an introduction to the work of Joseph-Philippe Bevillard. There are many more that I would like to show to you dear readers of 591 and I hope that we can set up a full online exhibition in the beginning of 2013 with Joseph-Philippe. - Mr Urbano

Joseph-Philippe Bevillard has been a photographic artist since 1984. He studied at Rochester Institute of Technology and Art Institute of Boston. 

In 1990 while attending portrait course at the Art Institute of Boston, he has discovered his own style for his portraits and made a commitment that it will be his life-long project documenting unusual faces or people with strong characters. He has also photographed landscapes, abstract, cars, still-lifes, architectures and fashion. He has lived in Ireland since May 2000. 


Photos © Joseph-Philippe Bevillard


Jan Bernhardtz said…
Excellent portraits! Your website is magnificient!
Simon Johansson said…
great. looking forward to the exhibition!
Gerda Lelieveld said…
Indeed beautiful and intruiging portraits. So much special faces on your website!
dick said…
I love these people and the relaxed way they are photographed
dick said…
I love these people and the relaxed way they are photographed
Anonymous said…
Well done!