INTIFADA I - A Prescient History - Keith Dannemiller

December 8, 1987
The beginning of the first Palestinian Intifada ('shaking off'), twenty-five years ago, is overshadowed, perhaps forgotten by the horrendous happenings of recent days in the Gaza Strip.

The aftershocks of that night in Jabalya refugee camp were soon felt in other camps, then in the urban slums of nearby Gaza City, and finally in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The occupying army of the Israeli Defense Forces filled up the prisons, searched the hospitals and themselves became targets of the pent-up anger unleashed by stone-throwing youth.

The images shown here bear witness to past events, but with the hindsight afforded by the passing of a quarter century, they are, and will continue to be, all too prescient.

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©1988 Keith Dannemiller
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