Les Alpes de Doisneaus

I've had the chance to visit, for the first time in my life, the town of Grenoble, in the center of the French Silicon Valley (I guess here people in Sophia Antipolis, Nice, might disagree) and afoot of the Alps at the border with Italy. It's been a bad weather outside, no chances to roam around for taking pictures. I can say I've been lucky: I realized that my pocket camera is not working properly anymore: it complains all the time that batteries are low and switches itself off. Christmas is close, I have to write a letter to Santa. I don't know if he would ever read it: I just treated myself with a splendid toy, a tablet.
I arrived in Lyon with a blanket of snow covering the whole region, then we had heavy rains and this evening, after a short pause, snow has started falling down again. I fear for tomorrow morning, when I'll have to take my flight back to Milan. Yet, it's not a weather report I was wishing to write about.

Walking around the narrow streets of the downtown, this afternoon, I came across a museum and saw a poster advertising an exhibition of photograph from the famous photographer Robert Doisneau, one of the inventors of photojournalism, and I made my way in: to my surprise, for free!

I'm not saying now that the exhibition is worth a travel to Grenoble but, if you had the chance to pass from here till next April 13th, don't miss a short stop at the Musée.
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mrurbano said…
I always listen to the recommendations by our Italian reporter!
Tiberio Fanti said…

I discovered that Grenoble is very active on our field of investigation ...