Paris est tout petit - Pascal Anders

"Paris est tout petit is the new self-published book of Pascal Anders. 
The book's title is a quote from Grand Bal du Printemps, a book by Izis and Prévert about the beautiful and mythical city of the fifties. 

Pascal Anders' book shows the tension of the parisian streets and the ever changing landscape of modern cities. The title of the book has to be understood in a ironical and political way, because Paris is still a beautiful city, but only if you can afford to live in that place. For those who can't, the magical city has now become a modern jungle."

photos and text © Pascal Anders

I like Pascal's photographic style, very recognizable in this little fine book, as well as in his previous ones presented on 591, when he signed himself as Squale: Alphabet CityMauerreste, New York City .

Pascal Anders website


mrurbano said…
a fine set from Paris - I remember Squake too - good to watch your pictures again