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Photo © Ulf Fågelhammar

If you want to be in full control and decide where, when or how your pictures are published or shown to the public - please stop reading here. This is a Dada like project which means that your photos could be shown anywhere, anytime - they could be pasted to a wall on main street or in a dark alley. They could be found in someone's living room or bedroom or to celebrate Reclaim Photography. They could even appear in some fancy (or obscure) magazine or gallery.

Temporary exhibition, Stockholm

The vision is to facilitate interaction/communication between the viewer and the photographer, by letting the viewer take action in the process of printing and showing a picture.

Temporary exhibition, Stockholm

This is how it works.

1. Print
After downloading the high resolution (300 dpi) picture from our special PPP591 gallery you get on with the printing. There are many online services, or you may even own a desktop printer. You decide about the quality (paper, printing technique etc) depending on the size of your wallet.

2. Paste
Holding the print in your hands, I am pretty sure you want to do something with it. It is entirely up to you. Frame it and hang it in your kitchen. Use it as Street Art. Invite your friends or local community and make an exhibition. Give it away as a birthday present etc.

3. Photograph
The last thing you have to do ( no obligation of course ) is to snap a picture of the print in its new context. Don't forget to send your picture of the picture to 591. See Contact page.

The Exclusive PPP591 Gallery will be updated as new pictures are selected to be a part of this project. So check it frequently.

Temporary exhibition, Stockholm

Submit photos to the gallery
If you want to share your photograph to the PPP 591 Gallery, please send me a high resolution original ( 300 dpi and at least 3 000 pixels, longest side). There will be a selection since the gallery will have a limited number of pictures. 

Mr Urbano

GO to the PPP591 Gallery


ulf, you're the greatest :)
I love this dadaextreme idea!!!!
kuss k*
l4kuti said…
Very good! Congratulations for your work.