591 Exhibition: Through My Eyes - Gerry Walden

The ability to use his native talent to capture the world around him has made Gerry Walden a photographer whose work has been recognised by galleries both in Europe and the United States in one-man exhibitions, but was probably first recognised by a school friend here in his hometown of Southampton who stated “I envy you because you have the ability to see in black and white!”

It is this ability we see here in this small collection of images which capture life that others often pass by without noticing.  There is the hand of a small boy in Winchester, the smile on the face of a Muslim lady queueing at an  exhibition about the Hajj, and the pleasure of a young boy playing football  on the streets of Calais. These are all moments as fleeting as the blink of an eye captured for eternity.

Renowned photographer Elliott Erwitt said "All the technique in the world doesn't compensate for an inability to notice.” Gerry clearly demonstrates  the ability to notice.

Website: www.gwpics.com


Mikael said…
Good set of photos, nice work