Walid Raad - 2011 Hasselblad Award Winner

Titel: Notebook Volume 38: Already Been in a Lake of Fire (Plates 57-58), 2004
© Walid Raad. Courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery, New Y
Titel: Scratching on things I could disavow_plate 1 (2,3,4), 1989
4 Archival inkjet prints
© Walid Raad. Courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery, New Y

Titel: Let's Be Honest, The Weather Helped (Iraq)
Walid Raad / The Atlas Group 1984-2007 Archival color inkjet print,
one of a series of 17 prints
© Walid Raad. Courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery, New Y
The Hasselblad Foundation today announced Lebanese/American photographer Walid Raad as the recipient of the 2011 Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography.

From the citation of the Foundation: "Walid Raad is one of the most original and singular contemporary artists using photography. He has been widely acclaimed for his project “The Atlas Group”, in which Raad generated original ideas about the relationship between documentary photography, archive and history."

The Atlas Group Archive


Madina Hareb said…
Walid Raad work do not represent at all the way Lebanese see the civil war after effect. This guy stole the ideas of others and built his concepts on the back of hard workers and researchers less socializers then him. it's a shame for Hasselblad to associate their reputation with such a manipulative work. this guy is enable to produce a correct photograph. The committee members who proposed his work looks like the United Nations employees facing ongoing massacres of syrian populations on the hand of the dictatorial regime. They behave under banner of politically correct when it comes to facing real realities. It's again westerns deciding for Arabs the way they should act facing their killers. Shame on Hasselblad board for giving this prestigious price to a scammer. Associating Raad's name to great photographers like Salgado and Avedon, is an insult to all visual artists and photographers worldwide and time will prove it.