Seascapes - Maura Brennan

I live in the vast urban sprawl of Los Angeles, but I spend a lot of time at the beach in the wild, northern reaches of L.A. county, in northern Malibu.  It is close to L.A., but far enough away to lose the crowds. I return to these same locations, year in and year out, at all times of tide, weather and season.  

I photograph with the Holga, a medium format film camera, as I commune with the wind, the water and California's glorious light. I like the Holga's more painterly, intuitive approach to photography, as I studied to be a painter.

Malibu is about the beach, after all. My beach is rugged, windswept and solitary, with occasional surfers, lifeguards, and seagulls passing through... A million dollar view can be had, with nobody in sight.  With my"'West Coat Seascapes" series, I attempt to document time spent in Nature, as I feel the rejuvenating effects of being far from the hustle and noise of Los Angeles.

Truly, they are a record of my attempt to stay sane - to cope in the pressure cooker L.A. is like sometimes.  I can return refreshed and ready to experience the contrasting energy of life in the big, vibrant city of L.A, which I also photograph, by the way.  Using the Holga camera as my tool, I attempt to make original imagery that expresses my experience of being alive here, in this place, at this time. 

Thank you Maura for sending this beautiful series. I love your vision. - Mr Urbano
photos and text © Maura Brennan


Stunning beautiful images Maura! So happy to see your work here, a benefit to all, to say the least.
Tiberio Fanti said…
The sea ... the eternal source of life and death ...

My heart is broken after watching what has happened in Japan.
Maura Brennan said…
It is ironic to be looking at my images of the peaceful Pacific on a day like this.. As Jean Michel Cousteau said, "surfers are the only ones who fall in love with the waves. As for the rest of us...." I imagine he knows very well the other side of the coin- what we are reminded of today. Sending love to the Land of the Rising Sun. Domo Arigato, Mr. Urbano, for posting these images.
Unknown said…
I love the incredible beauty and awesome power of the sea in all its moods. It is truly our mother. Thank you for your expressive photos which remind me of how it feels to be there. Love Renee
votka said…
So beautiful!
jim rohan said…
There's just something about a Holga and the sea.
Wonderful images.