Public Space Days – Bea Rowland

Unfortunately all pictures from „Public Space Days“ has been deleted by mistake.
Fortunately the album remained:

Stevens Hospital Emergency Waiting Room, Stevens, WA, USA

photos copyright Bea Rowland


pictures with a very special atmosphere.....awesome!!!!
Tiberio Fanti said…
I thought these kind of pictures could be shot only in my hometown.
Bea ... are you (as I think I am) one of those hopelessly "gone" photographers that would shoot with an umbrella, if it only was able?
Mr Urbano said…
This is so great Bea
like a modern version of The Waiting Room by Esther Bubley
I am impressed
Phil Decker said…
The couple in the first pic is very "tierno". A touching moment.
br said…
thank you to all. and yes, TF, i will take fotos with an umbrella or a finger or a potato...ja.