Public Space Days

The journey ‘Public Spaces’ starts today…
Over 70 photographers have sent a great number of pictures!

We want to surprise you about this topic on a daily basis with a selection of numerous different views and fascinating pictures from all over the world including Paris, Maracaibo, Chattanooga, Toronto, Doha, Basel, Hong Kong, Providence, Stockholm, Carinthia, London, Victoria, Prague, Wilkes-Barre, Frankfurt am Main, Göteborg, Boca Raton, Santander, Philadelphia, Sukhum, New York, Venice, Havana, Bhandardara, Tallinn, Eton, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Barcelona, Naples, Marrakech, San Francisco, Zürich, Stevens, Belgrade, Cluj-Napoca, Osaka, Beijing, Santa Monica, Caracas, Dublin, Rome, Boston, Moscow, Tucson, Ottawa, Mineral de Pozos, Rostov, Budapest, Washington, Darmstadt, Shanghai, New Dehli, Berlin … and many more. 


Mr Urbano said…
What a great response Walter - I am looking forward to see the public spaces of the world expand! ;)
Fritsch said…
Can't wait to get around the world from now on. An already great idea making me more curious with every day.

All the best & safe travels,
paulboo said…
Our World tour starts today and it has started very well indeed, thanks very much Walter.

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