Public Space Days - Tom M Johnson

Unfortunately all pictures from „Public Space Days“ has been deleted by mistake.
Fortunately the album remained:

Paris, Bobigny

Paris, La Defense

Paris, Mairie DIvry

photos copyright Tom M Johnson


Alain said…
I love the light, colours and reflections!
Fritsch said…
Waiting on the night bus. Watching the sunrise between tall buildings. Or just following the fallen leafs through the city.

Colours, light & darkness & the world reflected make some brilliant imagery. Bravo!

All the best & safe travels,
Mr Urbano said…
there is feeling and soul in your pictures
and I like the colours
paulboo said…
Nice to see such a diversity of environments shown, great shots Tom.
Aline said…
Terrific images, Tom!
Mark said…
Tom, You have a great eye...and wonderful composition...beautiful images!