The Adult Luncheon Club (second part) - Phil Decker

Crowning Queen Esther at Purim
 Shmaltzy Streisand hits

I greatly appreciate this opportunity to dust off these images and share them on 591.  As I went on to other documentary projects, these photos were left behind, much like the elders.  The images help keep their spirits alive, their joys and struggles.  Like my own Grandpa Alex and Grandma Lena, these Jewish immigrants opened up new paths for the rest of us, while passing on a profound and ancient heritage.

Talking “shop”
 In the hallway
Waiting for the bus at the Adult Luncheon Club
After the show

A photo of my maternal Grandparents who lived on the Jewish Lower East Side, who immigrated from Romania in the early 1900's:  Alex and Lena Steinberg.   They were Yiddish speaking.  Alex was a barber and Lena was a seamstress.  They must have lived on the Lower East Side for about 20 years, before moving to the D.C. suburbs, where I was born.

Text and pictures © Phil Decker


Mikael said…
Superb work love both parts!
br said…
an excellent documentation!!
Fritsch said…
This is so damn heartfelt & breathtaking. Thanks for telling such timeless stories, Phil. Thanks for sharing both parts, Mr Urbano.

Words can hardly describe what I feel & imagine while going through these great photographs.

All the best & safe travels,
Phil Decker said…
Thanks for your kind words about the photo essay. It's a pleasure to be able to share these images and memories. Still more photo essays to come!