591 Exhibition: Klippan - Tiberio Fanti

I get a sense of a struggle with geometry, and how to come to terms with it by turning to nature. Klippan is a place with the presence of the sea and the archipelago - beyond the bridge and the city traffic. I watch people waiting for something. Something is happening, although not immediate or visible - there is a strange undertone that Tiberio captures so
well. - Mr Urbano

This is not a travel report: not in the way it is commonly meant. The photographs are not sufficient to describe the whole range of feelings a foreigner can experience when he walks along the streets and boulevards of an almost unknown town, the frantic crossroads at rush hours and the silent vastness of monumental squares in early mornings, its busy public places where people never have time and will to notice you and, eventually, the river banks and the narrow alleys where your mind floats and minutes fly.

There are few things more exciting than roaming aimlessly with a small camera in the hands and observe, explore an unknown place. Yet, this personal tour of the western capital of Sweden represents something more to me.

Some use photography as a way to describe their world and the way they relate to it. Some others use it to describe the way they perceive the world and the way they would relate to it, if they only could. I can’t really say on which side I sit. This is my constant torment.

I would place myself somewhere in the middle but during my lonely evening walks in those foreign towns, when I'm face to face with myself, I feel as if I was drifting aside this kind of paradigm. In the end, taking pictures is just an excuse, the only instrument I have to analyze myself and discover where I’m aiming at.

I’m not taking pictures for a visual audience, not only, but for myself.

I love to think of this series as a visual collection of sensations, premonitions, confirmations and discoveries. It could have happened anywhere. Goteborg just offered the best of itself to let me give way to an unwritten plan.

Saronno, January 2011

Text and photos © Tiberio Fanti


paulboo said…
A wonderful book that I'm pleased to own a copy of, well done Tiberio :o)
great pictures in a wonderful book...you can be really proud of!!
br said…
good work, Tiberio!!!
Balogh Anita said…
Beautiful exhibition dear Tiberio!!!! Well done... Very inspiring indeed!
Mikael said…
A great way of storytelling, very nice Tiberio!
Simon Johansson said…
yes, great work!
Tiberio Fanti said…
Grazie, grazie, grazie!