The devastation from Mount Merapi

In october 2010 Mount Merapi in central Java, Indonesia had its last eruption killing 353 people and sent some 350 000 to seek shelter in evacuation camps. Among the casualties were Mbah Maridjan the elderer spiritual gatekeeper of the mountain who had survived several euptions from Merapi. I went there a year later.

The 2010 eruption were among the largest eruptions from Merapi in modern time and big areas were hit with pyroclastic flows and lahars. Living in a country where we have no volcanos and no big earthquakes and seeing what I had only seen in tv before in real life was really breathtaking not to mention talking to people who lost their home and familys and I´ve been through many things due to my work as paramedic for 17 years.

Mount Merapi is only one of 129 active volcanos in Indonesia.

Copyright Mikael Jansson


kwarkito said…
Beautiful and frightening
Excellent - if there were any mainstream media that cared about pictures - they should have published this great report
Tiberio Fanti said…
Touching images, my friend.
V said…
Amazing! Black and white gives a lot of feeling, very touching and beautiful. Great work.
Walter Neiger said…
breathtaking pictures, touching the heart!
br said…
Mikael: this is some of your best work!!! wonderful