Chile 1973 - David Burnett

Daniel Cespedes, arrested by the Chile junta
Photo © David Burnett/ Contact Press Images

Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda, laid to rest after the Chile coup d'etait
Photo © David Burnett/ Contact Press Images

Funeral of Pablo Neruda
Photo © David Burnett/ Contact Press Images

Thank you David for letting me publish these classic pictures. Almost 40 years have passed since the coup d'etait on 11 September 1973 in Chile. From the late 1970s, Chile has been like a second homeland to me. I am deeply touched by these pictures, taken by the great photographer David Burnett. /Ulf

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Anonymous said…
This documentation is one of the important and lasting memories...
cafe selavy said…
It is great to have the photos of Burnett on 591. He's a classic.
Iris&David said…
Thanks, all, for the kind comments. I'm currently [in the next couple of weeks] trying to put together a trip to Santiago to try and photograph some of the 'anonymous' people I photographed 40 years ago. The Memorial/Human Rights Museum is helping to use social media to try and locate some of the people (" you know who THIS is?..") Forty years - long enough, and I hope I can meet some of those people with whom I shared a fraction of a second two generations ago. David Burnett
important great art.
thank you!