Through my window #17

Photo © Knut-Inge Johnsen
The last picture from the selection of this series consisting in total of about 100 pictures. I hope you will continue photographing the scene Knut-Inge and why not make a book? - Mr Urbano 


Knut-Inge Johnsen said…
Thank you for showing my pictures and for your inspiration.
Eva Centergren said…
En helt underbar serie! Du borde göra en bok! :-)
Tiberio Fanti said…
It's been a fantastic trip K-I.
My best compliments.

Do you want 591 to produce the book?
Let me know.
mrurbano said…
yes we would love to expand with book publishing, a TV show, T-shirts you name it - but we are currently out of funds ;)
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much - all of you!
Knut-Inge Johnsen said…
Thank you very much! Book..? Yes, thank you :-)