Ruhollah Mahmoudi: Konarestan

This is the second series I received from the young Iranian photographer Rohollah Mahmoudi. The body of pictures he's proposing this time has again that consistency, homogeneity, power and capability to capture our glance for long eons. Something that I've always found on the mostly known reportage magazines. Each picture here is a story. all of them are part of a great, big picture to discover. Starting from the first one, in my opinion, destined to become an icon.

Rohollah writes: "Konarestan is a poor village in south Kerman. The intolerable situation for life forced young boy to migrate to big cities and this phenomenon face the village with lack of work force, so the women and the girls busy with hard work such as herding, bringing water from a distance source, etc."

You can see the first series from Ruhollah by clicking this link: The Ashura of Bijar.

All photographs, (C) Ruhollah Mahmoudi

- Born: Qom, Iran
- Education (photographic): I don't have any academic education in photography course. I've got B.A. in English Literature  
- Living in: Qom, Iran
- Website:
- Inspiration: Tim Hetherington, Ashley Gilbertson and so many other
- Film or digital: I'm a photographer of digital era. 
- Projects: daily life in Iran, child labor.
- Ambitions: someday I make the world better by my photos. 


mrurbano said…
Excellent photographs, thanks for sharing with us
Mikael said…
Impressive work again, looking forward to see more
Vale said…
Fantastic images, dust everywhere, i suppose thats why the sepia color...remind me some sandstorms in my town.
Jurek Holzer said…
Simply amazing.