Nepality - Anastasiia Zavalo


There are many kinds of realities in our world. Some places have a distinct kind of reality and Nepal is one of a kind. When I traveled there the first time I knew nothing about this country, only that I would be able to see the great Mount Everest. I planned to discover mountains, but found a new world.

Here, in valleys, life goes on in the streets. The ground floors of the houses are occupied by small stores and workshops. Everything is for sale. Vegetables are offered from the sidewalks, nearby pans are on fire – something is cooking. Women are talking to each other, children are playing. Different religions and gods are accepted and people are living together - traditional clothing blends with mobile phones. Life goes on!

The boiling point is getting lower, when I'm going up in the mountains. It seems that time has ceased to exist here. If the end of the world will come, people high in mountains will not know about it, and they would go on living as they have done for years. The ridge of mountains seems endless.

 - Anastasiia Zavalo

Photos © Anastasiia Zavalo