Photo Joakim Kocjancic

Lately, for some strange reason, I've been thinking about why so few portraits in the history of photography are taken in profile. The one that immediately comes to mind is Berenice Abbott's portrait of Eugène Atget (1857 - 1927). 

She captured the pictures of Atget in her studio in 1927. Only three exposures, one of which is in profile. It depicts a tired, older man, and the fact is that Atget never got to see the portraits as he passed away shortly after.

From another realm are Clarence Sinclair Bull's portraits of Greta Garbo. She was considered to have a standout profile, and it's hard to argue against that.

Then I come across Joakim Kocjancic´s portrait of a woman in Bucharest. An outstanding portrait that, in its simplicity resonates deeply. Thank you.