It´s Eugen!

Yes, it is a very special day. The Swedish calendar says Eugen and Eugenia. Once upon a time, roughly 20 years ago, I was absolutely stunned to encounter the artistery and visual fantasy of Eugen. I had not seen anything like it and I will never see it again. The mysterious Eugen appeared on a major Swedish photo community called Fotosidan.

Along with others I quickly became a fan, others were appaled which triggered Eugen to even greater deeds.

I have now granted the permission from the master to translate the texts that always came along with the pictures. But that´s not all, every picture was also accompanied by a suggestion of music!

You have to be patient though, because that was my fate 20 years ago. I was so eager to watch the next masterpiece that I could hardly leave the computer.

So, tonight at Prime Time in Europe at least, 20 00 hrs CET take cover for the first picture by Eugen! I will go on like this, every Sunday. Because every Sunday should be Eugen Day! A true multi artist!