"This is my sixteen" - Paul Musescu

I received a photo book during the holidays. It was Cristian Bassa who sent it to me. The photographer Paul Musescu from Romania is sixteen years old. He tells his story in a foreword, a kid getting into trouble and eventually living in the streets. He says "somehow I needed to find a way to move on, to leave all that behind. I picked up an old film camera and started taking photos."

Paul continues; " for the first time in a while I felt ok about myself and everything else. I started capturing moments from my life and through those moments I started to review my past, my memories, all my fears and all my actions"

All pictures by Paul Musescu.
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There is no doubt that Paul is talented and photography seems to suit him very well. I have selected some pictures from the book that I find very strong in their visual language. It will be interesting to follow this young photographer. And what a good start to the new year!
Mr Urbano