"You bite me" - Exhibition in Husby, Stockholm

Late 2010 I participated in the Horse Days of 591. Since then I have had a lot of additional experiences with horses - riding and handling them as well as photographing them. In June I will exhibit pictures of ridinghorses and their world, at Husby Gårds Café, in the northern part of Stockholm.

The exhibition is called "Biter du mig" ("You bite me"). There are a lot of emotions to be found in the gaze of a horse, and in the interaction between horses and people. I have tried to capture some of them. Everyone is very welcome and the opening is on Saturday June 2nd between 12 and 16.
More info on me and the exhibition on my blog: mathiaslk.wordpress.com

- Mathias Laitila Kälvemark

Photo © Mathias Laitila Kälvemark


mrurbano said…
I like this kind of follow ups - it is always interesting to know about you who have participated on 591 - so don't hesitate to send me your news - Mr Urbano