591 Summer Special - Flower Power!

Photo © Tom Holmlund

Photo © Rhonda Prince

Photo © Monica Heinakroon

Today the temperature has risen above 20C way up north in Stockholm. I declare that summer has arrived! On a day like this you observe how the streets and parks and yards become jammed with vikings - women and men, boys and girls. They burn meat, drink beer and shout!

This summer I ask you to send me flowers in all forms, shapes and material - I trust your imagination and creativity as always. You know where to send them - if not have a look at the CONTACT Page. Your flowers will be published without any regularity all through the summer - that is until I declare that summer is over way up north. Thank you Tom, Rhonda and Monica for sending me those lovely flowers for this intro!

Thinking about what music related to flowers that would inspire you I came up with a legend. Enjoy! - Mr Urbano