A special day with Aline Smithson (6:00 AM)

This is the first of a long series of posts that 591 will publish in this special International Women's Day. For such a remarkable event I asked Aline Smithson, former NewYorker fashion editor converted to Rolleiflex, to contribute with one of her dreamful series and spend some lines to introduce herself and describe her feelings about this event.

"On this day of celebrating women, it gives me great pleasure to think of the myriad of incredible women in my life, but great pause when I think of what women suffer around the world. We, indeed, hold up half the sky, but we also hold up those we love, bring empathy and compassion to the world, and mother not only our children but all those around us. My hope is that one day we truly can celebrate our freedom and rights in a world that respects and reveres womankind."

All pictures, (C) Aline Smithson
Aline Smithson

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Unknown said…
This is a wonderful series. I love all the connections made: the old Rolleiflex, the traditional wet darkroom printing, the found (and lost) images presented in such a thoughtful and honouring way.